Cool Breeze, Ventura California...

Was a great day. Meet up with David and Jerry at the start. Its was great to see 3 trikes riding in a group out there today.

I was planning on riding the 100km route but had to settle for 1/2 that. I am just way too out of shape and have not trained at all for any kind of longer ride. Jerry stayed with us (David and myself) for the 1st 12 miles and then went ahead (he is in much better shape than I am currently). We did see him coming back from the 1st rest stop, at mile 16.5.

Got back to the starting point, this is the half way point. I was feeling okay, no pain and not too tired. But I just thought it would be best to stop while ahead. Especially since I still had an almost 2 hour drive ahead of me.

Great meeting new people and just getting out and rolling again. I have video of the ride and will eb putting something together in the next couple of days.
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