Looking to buy a Trike Need some info.

So a few years ago I went and bought a bike, didn't do enough testing and hated it(standard bike). A friend of mine owns a Velomobile from the netherlands and I have been following him for years. I finally decided I wanted to try a recumbent. I went yesterday and tested a Terratrike Rover. I loved it, even with the damage I got in the military to my back and knees I easily went up a 10% grade and was going very fast on the straights. My daughters are learning to ride and I need to get in shape anyways so this is the perfect time to get something new.

The two main ones I am looking at are Terratrike and Catrike. Are there any similar companies to these two?

I was looking at the Terratrike website yesterday and I am confused by the different models of rover. Is there a website or something that details what some of this stuff is?

I am trying to get a feel for what mods are out there for each type of bike and what the differences in the bikes are, any help would be appreciated. I am looking for a starter model so the Rover or comparable. I don't want one of the front single wheels I have looked at a few.

For someone who has little knowledge of bikes the options are a little overwhelming with little explanation of what all the specs mean. Just the Rover Specs alone list 3 different bikes with no explanation of what the differences are and what the specs mean. I know what the NuVinci is but what is the difference between a Twist shifter and a Microshift DS85-8 Twist?


  • I have a TerraTrike Rover with a NuVinci. One thing I can suggest is writing to TerraTrike and asking them about the shifters and the difference between them. When I went with my husband to get one as a gift, the staff was well informed and answered his and my questions completely.
    I hope this helps some.
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