Rear racks for recumbent trikes

While I am new here, as well as a relatively new owner of a recumbent trike, I was dismayed by the following email response that I received from the US distributor for TOPEAK when I contacted them regarding an adaption kit for the TOPEAK rear racks. I am including the my initial email and the response after. Might want to consider a different manufacturer for a rear rack for your recumbent trike.

I am currently riding a recumbent trike, that are now quite common, yet every major manufacturer of secondary equipment leaves us out of the running unless we do a lot of creative adapting to use most any secondary rear rack. Even if its sold as a secondary adapter kit, seeing as how TOPEAK is one of the leaders in the industry, get a fix for us instead of leaving us in the cold. I ride with a group that many have one of your racks, or have wanted to update to your MTX system, but then the shops that sell them charge even more to create the secondary adapter, that should be done at your level for YOUR equipment....

Jack L Sacks


You have reached the distributor for Topeak in the US. I can pass this message along.

Topeak strives to make their racks as universal as possible, however recumbent bikes are not all that prevalent. It may be something they seek to delve into at some point, however that is a niche market they would be trying to fill.

Ethan Closius

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