Web Site Bugs?

Please let us know of any bugs, errors or issues you are having with the site here please.
I'll be working through them as we roll out the site and continuing on after.



  • Asking me to sign in but doesn't recognize my 'Squirrelpie0' or my email '' or my password 'hannah16'. Redirected me to this page
  • I think I've got it worked out. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Seems to let me sign into forum on my Win 7 but on my Win 10 tablet after I sign in and go to Forum it gives me the Howdy Stranger and asks me to 'Sign In or Register" but will not let me do either. Although in rest of the site it shows me as logged in. . Windows, curse you! I'll try it on my Android and really get confused.

    How will forum use be controlled to restrict use to promoting, groups, rides, fests, etc. and keep it from wandering off in to the thousands of other areas and rants many forums seem to succumb to?

    Can I edit or delete my posts?
  • Edited my picture and uploaded a new avatar file. It shows at top of my trikes Group Home page but does not change on my member profile? Logged off and Logged back in but does not change?
  • I am a group admin. How can I update the group banner and other group items after the group has been created?

    And then use the big green button that says "Edit Group" in the upper right corner
  • Thanks. I see the button now, it was not visible to me initially. I will try and update the group banner when I get on the machine that has the picture.
  • Still a problem getting onto forum. This time using Android cell got on by commenting on this discussion. But starting from scratch same error resume Howdy stranger.

    Suggest page #s on Member List so not repeatedly "Next"

    Impressive # of sign up.
  • After I have logged into the website, where is the link to the register page so that I can add an event? It would be helpful to have that link on the 'My group' page for the admin.
  • issue with accepting group join request. I can seem to see the request, even though I received an email about it.
  • Hey Chonk, This isn't really a web site bug per se, but I have been here on Trike Groups numerous times over the last month, but just found the access (under the About tab?!) to the Forum today!

    My suggestion would be- rather than have Forum as a choice under the heading "About" I suggest you list it across the top along with Groups, Rides, and Members. I think a lot of folks don't even know there is a forum here! In fact, I would suggest that you also move News, Forum, and Store out of "About" and make them headings of their own.

    I only know a couple of people on Trike Groups, and neither of them realized there was anything more here than groups, rides and their respective maps. My guess is that with this change and an announcement of such posted to the TerraTrike Forum (and maybe others?) would get more activity going here. That's my 2 cents worth of advice... best of luck and keep up the fantastic work you guys do! Thanks for it all.

  • This website seems to work differently on iOS (eg. iPhone), depending on whether I use the Safari browser or Chrome. All features (like approving a member into a group) should be checked on all platforms with various browsers.
  • When I first joined (2017) I created a Group and then created an event. The event was associated with me but not with my Group. How do I make sure that a ride is linked to a Group?
  • I tried to join a Group today but was told that, since I was already the Admin for a Group, I would have to give that up before I could join. That seems like an odd restriction. Am I only allowed to be a member of one Group? Or am I not allowed to join a Group if I am already an Admin for another?
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