Ride video...

This is my 1st attempt at documenting a ride. Let me know what you think and any tips on making things better will be greatly appreciated.



  • Looks good to me. How did you complete the video? What did you use for a camera? How was it mounted? How did you add the music? Did you use any software or phone or computer apps? I would love to try documenting a ride myself, but I'd like some idea of how to accomplish the entire process. Please keep up the good work. I'm sure you will end up being your own biggest critic.
  • Camera: GoPro4 Silver
    Mount: GoPro RAM mount
    Editing Software: Adobe Premium Elements
    Music from: (royalty free) added within Adobe Premium Elements

    I should have another video up within the next week (planning to ride this weekend). Still learning... trial and error.

    Best suggestion I can give... just take as much video as possible, you can always edit it down.
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