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  • Well... the ride is this weekend and I have gotten out only a handful of times. The 50 mile route might be a little much, not the distance that bothers me but the elevation gain of 3,000'. So I think I will be doing the 25 mile loop with only 1,300'…
  • Well due to the air quality out here because of the fires and that everything is covered in ash; I skipped the outdoor ride and opted for the Elliptical trainer instead. NOT anywhere near as fun but I got my cardio in for the day. I was unable to m…
  • Well... I will be doing my usual Santa Fe Dam ride, if anyone cares to join me. I will be starting from the front parking lot and will be heading out at about 830-900. Come by and say hello. I will be on the orange Catrike 559. Have fun and be sa…
  • Camera: GoPro4 Silver Mount: GoPro RAM mount Editing Software: Adobe Premium Elements Music from: (royalty free) added within Adobe Premium Elements I should have another video up within the next week (planning to ride this weekend)…
    in Ride video... Comment by kokak July 2016
  • well... My wife came down with a case of food poisoning so.... I don't think we will be going anywhere today. Hope everyone else is out there safe and enjoying the day! Happy 4th all!!!
  • issue with accepting group join request. I can seem to see the request, even though I received an email about it.