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  • Ontario: Highway Traffic Act • definition of bicycle includes 3 wheels and e-assist, but not motorized bicycles • no provisions that I can find that treat 3-wheelers and 2-wheelers differently • bikes are allowed anywhere that motor vehicles are …
  • There is at least one sign up page (maybe if you get to this Forum without signing in) where it asks for “Email/Userid”.
  • I like the idea of TrikeGroups but wonder if it is getting the technical support and attention it needs. Are any of the sponsors taking an active interest?
  • Sounds like fun. My problem with Gran Fondos is that they are often not really set up for Trikers like me who typically ride at the slow end (15 kph). As a minimum I would need permission to start with the earliest wave even though I would not be ri…
  • I had a similar problem. I was using an iPhone and could not see certain things (eg. a member request that needed approval) initially. The problem got resolved when I switched browsers, from Chrome to Safari (I think, or maybe the reverse).
  • I tried to join a Group today but was told that, since I was already the Admin for a Group, I would have to give that up before I could join. That seems like an odd restriction. Am I only allowed to be a member of one Group? Or am I not allowed to j…
  • When I first joined (2017) I created a Group and then created an event. The event was associated with me but not with my Group. How do I make sure that a ride is linked to a Group?
  • This website seems to work differently on iOS (eg. iPhone), depending on whether I use the Safari browser or Chrome. All features (like approving a member into a group) should be checked on all platforms with various browsers.
  • I rode RAGBRAI* in 2017 for the first time. I am riding again this year. *Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (7 days, 700 km).