What is Trikegroups?

TrikeGroups is a community.

It's a place to find like-minded recumbent trike enthusiasts that want to ride. It's a place to meet, organize and plan. It was created with the vision to be all-inclusive and welcoming to all types of riders. We believe that the more people get together and ride, the stronger the triking community will become, and the more fun everyone will have.

TrikeGroups is not brand specific.

We welcome all riders and all types of trikes. We encourage variety. After all it's said to be the "spice of life." We also want everyone to feel like part of the family and to encourage and share our love of riding trikes and all the trails, trips, gadgets, models and stories that go along with it. We want to build friendships.

After all, isn't that why we all got into triking in the first place? The recumbent trike market is not only the fastest growing segment in the cycling industry, but has the most passionate, fun-loving individuals involved in the sport. The recumbent trike is the perfect vehicle for exercising while having fun.

So why not tell the world?

Let's organize and spread the word. Let's share the best kept secret to riding in comfort.